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These are just a few of many good OSINT collections online. Again, I've tried to keep it slimmed-down and simple - these include a lot of links to other collections, so feel free to go down the rabbit hole. If you want your collection featured here - or if you own one of these and want it removed - please let me know.

Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit - Exhaustive listings of tools covering a broad range of aspects of online investigations

Technisette's OSINT collection - Big collection of tools, tutorials and other goodies from @technisette

Bruno Mortier's OSINT collection - Good collection that also has a focus on opsec and crowdsourced investigations, from @digintelosint

Financial crimes OSINT tools - Travis Birch's collection on money-laundering, banking and more

OSINT Combine bookmarks - A very comprehensive set of links you can download and import to your browser

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