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Google Maps

Maps from Google, including Street View, 3D, Photo Spheres

Google Earth

Browser-based version of Google Earth. The standalone desktop version is also very useful - it can be downloaded here

Bing Maps

Map service from Microsoft. Small variations in satellite orbit can mean dramatically different views to Google Maps

Yandex Maps

Map service - particularly useful for Russia and surrounding countries


Crowd-sourced maps with descriptive details of locations and very useful filter layers


Crowdsourced street-level imagery


Global crowd-sourced maps



France only. Satellite views, sometimes with alternative angles to Google Earth


Mountain and hill peaks worldwide, with visual representations

Satellites Pro

Allows you to switch between a number of different satellite views, including Apple Maps, Google Maps and others

Travel With Drone


Shows aerial videos of locations marked on a world map


Crowd-sourced maps showing railways worldwide

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