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People search

These are generally of use almost entirely for the United States. I've included quite a few as the quality of results tends to vary - different ones are better for different searches, with no obvious consistency.


People-search tool for US


US public data search. Formerly known as Cubib


People-search tool for US


People-search tool for US. Looks for social media accounts as well as basic info

Locate Family

People-search website. Has reverse address search


Background check site. Emphasis on legal records. Includes reverese address search but free info very limited


Some people-search sites appear to have lots of results, and tell you that in order to see them you have to create an account or give them an email address.

There is ample reason to believe that in some cases at least, this is misleading - the initial "bait" is generic. See here, for example.

Using a disposable email address, or one you don't mind getting spammed, is probably a good idea in the case of such sites. 

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