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I've worked intensively in the field of verification of online information and content since mid-2011. In 2017, I left Storyful news agency, where we developed and honed numerous techniques and workflows, to work in the not-for-profit sector. A large part of what prompted this was my growing conviction that the explosion of information has only made education and training grow in importance.

Regardless of what you think of the sincerity of the major platforms and media organisations, it seems obvious that this is something that can't be adequately dealt with from the supply side. It's therefore crucial that every effort is made to equip and empower the public with the skills and knowledge necessary to make their own calls on the information and content they are being bombarded with.

Ultimately, I strongly believe this means having to give a prominent place to critical thinking skills on the core educational curriculum from an early age. In the meantime, I'm privileged enough to be able to work with some amazing people around the world trying to meet this enormous need.

There are plenty of people in media - traditional and new - doing superb work in highly complex investigations. The tools, tips and services on this site are largely aimed at the more modest end of the spectrum. They should allow even complete novices to do their own evaluation. But used in the right combination, and with the right mindset, they should be sufficient for some very comprehensive sleuthing.

- Eoghan


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