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Webcams can be useful. Reports of a breaking incident can be authenticated in real time if there is a live stream in the area. In verification work, a video or photo claiming to be current can be compared with the latest view of the location. Below are links to some of the most comprehensive collections, but it is worth looking for cameras via a search engine at any time. 


Large directory of live webcams worldwide.


Webcams worldwide. Not always live streaming, but a useful feature is that each feed includes several historical snapshots of the view shown.


Worldwide webcam directory with a user-friendly interface. Not as comprehensive as EarthCam, but has cameras in some places the former doesn't.

WXYZ web cams


Webcams worldwide. Doesn't look as slick as some of the big sites, but has some cameras in places others don't.

Live railroad webcams

A YouTube playlist of live webcams focussing on railway tracks, stations, junctions etc. Most are in north America, but there are a good number from Japan, the United Kongdom and other countries - 145 in total at the latest count.

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