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How can we collaborate to equip your organisation with the skills and tools needed to successfully navigate the sea of information and content out there?

Check out some of the subjects we have dealt with in workshops with journalists from some of the world's leading news outlets, as well as staff from major international organisations. Learn more

If you don't see exactly what you need, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Don't Get Caught Out: Debunking Fakes

Individuals and organisations are constantly at risk of reputational damage - and even legal jeopardy - due to the flood of fake content and false information circulating. Learn how to recognise it, and what to do about it.


Find it Fast: Discovery and Monitoring of Online Content

When you need compelling visual content to illustrate a breaking incident or an ongoing story, knowing how to dig up authentic and relevant imagery is a lot easier with effective techniques and workflows.  


Tools of the Trade: Effective Use of Technology for Verification

There are countless free and low-cost tools out there; knowing how best to use them, and to discover and evaluate new ones, can bring greater effectiveness and efficiency to any task.


Track it Down: Investigating Social Media

Where did that video, photo, post or meme originate? Is it part of a coordinated campaign? Learn to look into social media activity for insights into methods and motivation.

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Verification: Geolocating Content

Is that video or photo authentic? Where was it captured? Learn to use techniques and tools that can help you figure out the precise location shown in a piece of content.


Verification: Time and Date

Was that video that's going viral really recorded this morning? Use visual clues and corroboration techniques to find out when a piece of content was captured - and when it wasn't.


Reaching Out: Dealing With the Public

Approaches by media and others to owners of user-generated content have in recent times been clumsy or even harmful. Following these practices, based on extensive experience, will help protect both sides.


Maintaining Integrity: Ethics of Investigation

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Learn about the ethical issues involved in online investigation, and how to handle the grey areas that have emerged as people's information becomes more easily available.


Putting it All Together: Reporting Online Information

Aimed at newsrooms, this module explains practices and structures for setting up and running a verification team, dealing with the inundation of information, and effectively allocating resources in a busy environment.

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Pass it On: Trainer's Guide

Share the knowledge - train more of your own staff. Based on countless hours of workshops worldwide, both in person and online, this is a distillation of what has worked best, and what lessons have been learnt along the way.

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