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YouTube Metadata

Displays detailed metadata on YouTube videos, as well as the channel on which they're posted.*

YouTube GeoFind

Allows searches by location for geotagged YouTube videos.*


Browser extension that allows an array of analytical functions to be carried out on video and still images.

The two below are largely unnecessary now that YouTube has once again made it possible to use the keyboard for frame-by-frame viewing (Use the . key to go forward and the , key to go back)

Watch Frame by Frame

Allows you to speed up, slow down or advance YouTube or Vimeo video frame by frame within the browser. By Calum Eadie


Allows video from YouTube or Vimeo to be played frame by frame or in slow motion

*WARNING: Limitations

There are a couple of things to be wary of when looking at metadata from YouTube videos:

Upload time: This can, in certain limited circumstances, be inaccurate. If a video is uploaded and set as "Private", this will not be detected. If the video's settings are later changed to "Unlisted" or "Public" the metadata extractors read the time of the change as being the upload time.
YouTube Metadata and YouTube DataViewer are affected by this, as well as the InVid browser extension.

Location data: This should only be interpreted as the reported location data. YouTube allows the user to self-select the video's location. Furthermore, technology used to spoof location is increasingly effective and available.

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