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Welcome back to the redesigned The layout is intended to make it easier for users to navigate, as well as for me to update - which is a crucial part of what will hopefully keep the site helpful and relevant.

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Tools & Services - What and why?



Google Maps​ - Maps from Google, including Street View, 3D, Photo Spheres

Google Earth​ - Browser-based version of Google Earth. Standalone desktop version can be downloaded here

Bing Maps​ - From Microsoft. Small variations in satellite orbit can mean dramatically different views to Google Maps

Yandex Maps​ - Particularly useful for Russia and some surrounding countries

OpenStreetMap​ - Global crowd-sourced maps

Travel With DroneShows aerial videos of locations marked on a world map


* A word of caution

MW Metadata​ - Displays detailed metadata on YouTube videos, as well as the channel on which they're posted.*

YouTube GeoFind​ - Allows searches by location for geotagged YouTube videos.*

InVid​ - Browser extension that allows an array of analytical functions to be carried out on video and still images.

Watch Frame by Frame - Speed up, slow down or advance YouTube or Vimeo video frame by frame within the browser

Anilyzer​ - Allows video from YouTube or Vimeo to be played frame by frame or in slow motion


RadarBox24​ - Flight tracker with live maps and search function. Displays flight info by default in map view

FlightAware​ - Flight tracker with live maps and search function

Freedar - Customisable flight tracker that includes military aircraft. Also has monitoring of air traffic control audio

Airportia​ - Tracks flights, airports and airlines worldwide

AviationDB​ - Searchable database of info on aviation. This link goes to the very useful Aircraft Query page

Live ATC​ - Live air traffic control broadcasts

PlaneSpotters - Details on planes worldwide, with a huge collection of photographs

Pinkfroot - User-submitted photographs of planes. Searchable. Also has a section on ships

Airline livery quiz - For practice - can you identify an airline by its livery?


WhatsMyName​ - Searches for usernames across platforms. Very fast - and from the people at OSINT Combine, so no concerns about privacy or security issues.

Instant Username​ - Searches for usernames across platforms.

Namechk​ - Searches for usernames across platforms

NameCheckup​ - Searches for usernames across platforms


Spyonweb​ - Finds domains with the same Google Analytics code, AdSense ID, hosting IP etc

DNSlytics​ - Finds domains with the same Google Analytics code, AdSense ID, hosting IP etc

Whois​ - Information on registration of domain names. Declining in usefulness due to non-compliance with GDPR

Subdomain Finder - Scans domain and finds subdomains


International Encyclopedia of Uniform Insignia​ - Military and other uniform badges and insignia from around the world. Also has a discussion forum

Military Factory - Information on military hardware, including weapons and vehicles

Weapons ID Database​ - Helps in visual identification of weapons. Provided by Small Arms Survey

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