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The One OSINT Tool You Must Have to Supercharge Your Investigations

Everybody loves tools. It’s a basic instinct that probably kicked in around the moment the first caveman — or woman — realised...

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This page provides links to mostly free tools and services that are useful for online verification, digital journalism, and open-source intelligence work. There are more comprehensive collections online - I've decided to keep this concise so as to be able to curate it regularly for broken links, obsolete tools/services and new additions. The main criteria for inclusion are:

  • Free (or at least having a free component)

  • Requiring little or no coding knowledge

  • Tools/services that I have personally found useful in my work

In each section, I've tried to place the more useful ones at the top - this will, of course, vary according to a user's own priorities and practices.

The menu provides links to pages with short descriptions of what the tools and services actually do. You can also access the description pages by clicking on the headings on each section.

Verification tools and services

Changes made by Facebook means third-party tools periodically fail to work. See here for more.

YouTube GeoFind


Comment scraper


YouTube DataViewer*

*Currently having problems. See notes for alternative

Video downloaders